Mother Goose


Front and center we were greeted by Lisa Goose and Linda Goose for a long overdue tribute to ol' Mother's rhymes. In pink dresses with white ruffles on baby blue aprons, their handcrafted outfits were a perfect tribute, topped with multi-colored flowers on white, old fashioned hats. Their tie dye pink and turquoise high tops were ready to dance with the brass players three.

The audio was spectacular at Benaroya Hall as the trumpet began with a little twinkle, ending with the musician demonstrating the comical, high-pitched, buzzing sound of the mouth piece detached sure, we could all do that! Later, the brass players let the kids try pushing the notes on their instruments after the show. The trombone slid a few dogs in the window, followed by the tuba as low as it could go.

With feather in hand, Lisa conducted the brass trio into Hayden, and then a few times around the Mulberry Bush. Like true artists, Lisa and Linda added new expression and original sounds to Little Jack Horner, filled with some (tuba) pie. We went through one-two, buckle my shoe faster & faster, until it was time for a Mother Goose rhyme in harmony.

A rosy checked, Little Bo Peep in a white dress came out to sing Baa Baa Black Sheep and stayed while we swayed to the Humpty Dumpty through not before Beethoven's 9th Ode to Joy. The trombonist was crowed King Cole and joined with flute and drum.

What came first, the chicken or the egg? The goose of course! And just when we could rhyme in perfect time, it suddenly became closing time. With tiny fingers on the empty stage, my daughter said, I need more! Having forgotten about the supposedly massive stress I had before, I couldn't agree more.